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Community Yoga INR   0 INR  0

Community Yoga

Community Yoga program through group yoga sessions are conducted at the community halls. Any group of people sharing common goals of welfare can opt for this program. The program involves variety of yogic group activities to fulfill the needs of each individual. It helps create a healthy community by improving overall well being of the individual. Goals such as General fitness, relaxation, improvement of quality of life are easily achievable. A person of any age can become a part of the program.



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Corporate Yoga INR   2500 INR  2500

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga sessions are conducted at the workplace by understanding the requirements of the organization. They are flexible enough to be modified. Unlike general yoga sessions, they are aimed to improve the productivity of the employees, reducing the stress factor, creating a healthy work environment. Corporate Yoga programs are meant to create a win win situation for both - the employer and the employee by taking a result oriented and evident approach toward yogic practices.

INR 2500 INR 2500


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